Sleepytown Monster Spray


We have been having monster problems with bedtime - some just because The Boy is 4-years-old, and some because of his incredibly vivid imagination and the stories he makes up.

I avoided the "Monster Spray" for a while, trying to reason with him and allow him to come to his own conclusions regarding the monsters in our house. If I remember correctly, he had these same issues last winter and I think it is because of the furnace kicking on and off throughout the night, as well as the creaking of the attic in the coldest part of the night.

Either way, I had hoped he would resolve these fears on his own ... that didn't happen. Last night we sat up past 11 and talked - I asked what he thought monsters looked like, hoping he would realize he has never seen one. I was wrong. Monsters most definitely appear as one of three kinds: blue, purple or multi-colored. 0/1, score the kid.

Then I asked what monsters were afraid of - three things: Daddy, pie & swords. We usually have at least two of those things in our house at any given time but that still wasn't sending The Boy off to Sleepytown.

In came the MONSTER SPRAY. My last ditch effort to get some zzzz's. I told him I had to order it, but it would be here tomorrow. That was all he needed to hear before he shut his peepers for the few hours before it was time to do it all over again in the morning. The secret is to get him spraying all those furry critters away while filling his room with the relaxing scent of Lavender, getting him ready to snooze until morn'.

My Monster Spray Recipe:
Spray Bottle (I found mine at The Dollar Tree)
Witch Hazel (It won't get slimy and weird in the bottle like water)
Lavender Essential Oil
Sleepy Time Monster Spray Recipe | Hyvaa Paivaa Textiles
Fill up the bottle with the witch hazel.

Sleepy Time Monster Spray Recipe | Hyvaa Paivaa Textiles
Add a few drops of Lavender

Sleepy Time Monster Spray Recipe | Hyvaa Paivaa Textiles
You are ready to go monster hunting!

It smells amazing and as long as you explain to your little one that they have to keep it away from their face, they will smell yummy too. He decided that to fight the monsters, he should disappear instead of the creatures, so it is also disappearing spray. He was mildly disappointed at the results when he could still see himself but was ok with the reasoning that the monsters won't be able to see him.

Getting the munchkin to bed tonight was still a struggle, but not nearly like it has been in the past - we'll see how the morning goes.


  1. Fabulous. Saving this one for the future!:)

  2. Seriously - this worked!! It was a shot in the dark (heh...)